Vocational Professional Development Academy

We are the premier institution for vocational training and professional development qualifications in Nigeria. The Academy has been established with the goal of meeting the needs of employers and businesses with regard to the skills of their workforce. The primary purpose of the Academy is to train and produce a workforce that meets the requirements of businesses across a number of industries in Nigeria. Our commitment to excellence in education means that, in order to produce a skilled workforce, our teaching is informed by best practice in vocational education. Beyond the scope of traditional Vocational Education, we also specialise in offering career development opportunities for professionals seeking to improve their skill-set in specific career fields. To this end, we will be offering the Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Insurance to those seeking to work in the industry.

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Vocational Education and Training

We specialize in offering international vocational qualifications across several vocations and have partnered with employers in different industries to ensure we meet the short, medium and long-term goals that are essential to the development of business in Nigeria.

Professional Development

We recognize that there is a growing need in Nigeria for Career Professionals to improve their skill set. That is why at VPDA we offer first class, globally professional development certifications across several professions. Our teaching is centered on ensuring students gain their qualifications and are also equipped to add immediate value when they go back to work.