5 Tip On How To Become a Better Photographer

In this modern age, staying stagnant is not an option every professional need to keep looking for ways to be better at what they do, Photography included.

With the amount of competition out there, a Photographer has to stand out if they are to make a name for themselves. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five things Photographers can do to become masters of their craft.

5 tips to become a better Photographer

  1. Practice Practice Practice

    Practice makes perfect, this is true in every profession including Photography. The best way to hone your skills is to practice. A lot. Shoot as much as you can – it doesn’t really matter what. Spend hours and hours behind your camera. As your technical skills improve over time, your ability to harness them to tell stories and should too.

  2. Learn from other photographers

    Don’t limit yourself to one venue of photography, but instead make it a goal to “spend time” with a variety of artists – those who photograph only in black and white, who shoot only urban life or pastoral scenes, those who are war photographers and those who shoot single, simple images.

    Studying others can reveal some simple tricks and hacks that will not only improve that quality of your work in general but also make things go much faster

  3. Get a mentor

    Mentors and apprenticeships are a surprisingly overlooked way of breaking into photography. Ask many successful self-taught professionals how they learned the ropes, and many will credit working their way up the ladder at an internship.

  4. Learn to use post-production tools

    Taking a photo is one thing—editing it to make it perfect is another. Programs like Lightroom and Photoshop are an investment, but if you really want to catapult your images to the next level, watch tutorials and read up on how to use photo editing tools and post-production programs to benefit your work.

  5. Find your own style

    An important thing to remember when learning how to take photos is: be inspired but don’t copy. Sure, you could look at someone else’s work and think that’s exactly the type of photo I want to take, but no two photos will ever be the same—so don’t bother trying to mirror others down to the last detail. The best way to develop your style is to keep taking photos—shoot as much as you can, whenever you can until you figure it out.