A Message from Our Founder

My passion for Excellence in Education informed my decision to develop a world class vocational education and professional development academy in Nigeria.  As an experienced expert in the development of education in Nigeria, I have observed that, as a nation we lack an effective vocational education service that meets the needs of employers and adds value to the economy.

The Vocational and Professional Development Academy aims to fill the gap.  The primary purpose of the Academy is to train and produce a workforce that meets the requirements of businesses across a number of industries in Nigeria.  Our commitment to excellence in education means that, in order to produce a skilled workforce, our teaching is informed by best practice in vocational education.  We are leveraging on our international networks to offer students globally recognised qualifications based on a curriculum developed in collaboration with our International Partners whom are season specialists in the delivery of vocational education.  Our approach to teaching also means that students are exposed to real-life working scenarios and are equipped with the knowledge to make them ‘work-ready’ by the end of their chosen course.

Professional Development 

Beyond the scope of traditional Vocational Education, we also specialise in offering career development opportunities for professionals seeking to improve their skill-set in specific career fields. To this end, we will be offering the Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Insurance to those seeking to work in the industry. The teaching staff for our professional development courses are likewise extensively experienced facilitators in their field of instruction and teaching practice will be innovative and offer students the opportunity to understand the working environment in their chosen field of study.

Employment & Entrepreneurship 

A key measure of our success would be our ability to offer employment opportunities to students as they complete our courses. To this end, we have partnered with businesses, working in collaboration with them to meet their short and long term recruitment needs. We are certain that our students would be equipped to add value to businesses that have partnered with us.

All our students will also receive entrepreneurship training through our SME Boost programme. It is toolkit that helps new entrepreneurs and business owners keep track and manage their finances effectively. The added value of entrepreneurship training we feel will equip many of our students with the skill and confidence to start their own business. This will, in the long term be a benefit to Nigeria’s economy, most specifically, the SME sector.


Meeting Nigeria’s economic goals 

It is my belief that, VPDA will play a vital role in Nigeria’s economic growth. A specific audience of our target market is our nation’s unemployed youth, we will work effectively with a cross-section of stakeholders to re-train and upskill them.  It has always been my belief that our most valuable resource is our human capital, we will leverage on that to meet the economic goals of our nation and contribute to Nigeria’s growth.

Dr (Mrs) Ekua Abudu

The Vocational & Professional Development Academy is the premier Institution for Vocational and Professional Development qualifications in Nigeria.


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